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2023-24 Trout in the Classroom

That’s right, more schools and more students exposed to the realities of COLD, CLEAN WATER and the effects 250 to 300 fingerling trout will have on that water while living and growing in a 55-gallon tank of chilled water.
Sixteen schools will be participating in a wider area of Oklahoma than we have ever covered. From Collinsville to our north and south to Weleetka and from Sand Springs east to Coweta. Students from elementary school age all the way to senior will be learning to care for the water in each thank. As the Trout Unlimited saying goes … “If we take care of the water, the trout will take care of themselves.” However, in these environments it’s not quite that simple … these tiny little fingerlings, raised from eggs hatching in the tanks will have to be feed.
At present, the Kamloops rainbow trout eggs will arrive FedX from a hatchery in Washington State on October 25th . On that day 14 of your fellow Trout Unlimited member volunteers will gather in my office, divey up 5,000 eggs, load them into coolers and strike out to the various schools. By that time all the schools and there teachers will have prepared the tanks to receive the eyed eggs. Within 5 to 10 days of that the fry will hatch and the challenge to keep them alive until spring next year begins.
I’ll offer reports here from time to time so everyone can keep track of the goings on.
If you would like to support the program with a donation you can go to and make your donation there or bring a check to our next monthly meeting. Tanks and supplies to operate them don’t come cheap. Chillers run nearly $900 each and tank maintenance of filters, water treatment chemicals and more make each tanks total investment come in around $1,250. You can also follow along on our Facebook group: TULSA AREA TROUT IN THE CLASSROOM. 

                                                   Scott Hood