Our guest speaker in May will be Mr. Bill Butts. This will be a timely presentation on white, hybrid, and striped bass as we move closer to our 4th Annual 15x15 Challenge and the 1st Annual Pat Daly Invitational in July.
Bill Butts began his 55 year journey in the sport and arts of fly fishing on the lakes and streams of the Missouri and Arkansas Ozarks.
Today, his fly fishing focus is on the Temperate Basses – White, Hybrid  and Striped Bass.
From a young age, he was fortunate to become friends with many leaders in the sport and art of fly fishing that willingly mentored him in the skills of fly casting, fly tying, and photography. Though countless talented individuals have supported and encouraged his efforts, Dave Whitlock and Lefty Kreh are credited with being the most influential. 
Bill has twice been a live internet radio guest on AskAboutFlyFishing.com and an ItinerantAngler.com podcast guest entitled "White Bass & Striper Master Class".
He was also a contributor to Dave and Emily Whitlock’s January 2015, Fly Fisherman Magazine article, entitled “The Other Bass”.
Please join us in person this month for what is sure to be a great learning opportunity.

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