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State of Oklahoma  Limbo                                                               Click here     (new)

Current "poop" on chicken poop in our watersheds                  Click here   (new)

We need Water in the Lower Illinois River .... ACT NOW !             Click Here

Rader's  Raid  on  Oklahoma  Water                                                    Click here

Our Pat Daly awarded "2017 Conservation Leader of the Year"       Click here

Action required to save our Lower Illinois River fishery.              Take action here

Conservation Coalition Courier  -  August 22 Newsletter                          Click here

U.S. Rep. Markwayne Mullin opposes pollution limits on Ill. River        Click here

ODWC to support LIR trout stream                Check the latest agreement:      Click here

Conservation Courier  -  2017 Legislative Update     The wins & losses:     Click here

Geiger Counter Fishing - Conservation Alert    Radioactive waste dumped into sewage drain and then the White river by University of Arkansas planned. While the first of 80,000 gallon load is below maximum "allowed" levels we take issue with this and the very concept. In most areas of the world "nuclear waste" and "clean river" do not usually go together. We've sent a letter of concern opposing this and Ed Brocksmith of STIR is attending the city council meeting.. We'll keep you posted.

Check the latest effort in the long-running battle against pollution of our Illinois River.    Thanks to our Pat Daly for his work with the Conservation Coalition.          Click here 

TU Chapter 420 Members & TU National Help Save 3 million acres of Public Lands HR 621 withdrawn 2/1/17    Amongst all of the attacks we're seeing on public lands, it looks like the 81 million outdoorsmen and women, including TU members, managed to soundly defeat HR 621, the selloff of public recreation land.   Rep Chaffetz, Utah announced late last night that he is pulling his HR 621 to sell off 3.3 million acres of important public lands, in direct response to the huge citizen outcry against the bill.  Congratulations to TU actions and Montana and New Mexico for two fantastic public lands rallies this week that helped force this decisive victory for the outdoors.   Keep making your voices heard.