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January 27th - Roaring River Outing with PHWFF Vets.

February 8th  -  Fly Tying

February 17th - LIR Mystery Fly Event

February 24th - Flyfishing 101 Class - Jenks Community Ed.

March 8th  –  Cameron Cipponeri: “Fly Fishing Colorado’s Blue Ribbon Waters; San Juan, Frying Pan and the Dream Stream”

March 10th  -  Fly Fishing Film Tour  -  Five Oaks Lodge

April  - TBD  -  LIR Clean-up

April 12th  -  Joel Kantor, “Summer Smallmouth Adventures On The Fly”

May  -  TBD  -  Warm water fishing event

May 10th  –  Meeting program  TBD

June 14th or 16th  -  Outing and Picnic