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            =============================================                    *Outings Poker is a new outing / event oriented game for the 2021-2022  season.     Everyone is welcome to play.    No purchase is necessary.           

 Receive 1 fly fishing themed playing card for each outing or special event you attend.              

 No purchase is necessary. Cards will be distributed at the start of events.                                                    

 Each card will be specially stamped and the stamp for each event will be di(erent.            

 At the end of the season the player with the best traditional 5 card poker hand will win a  new fly rod!                              

 Your 5 card hand can only contain 1 card from each event.       Any hands with duplicate  markings will be disqualifed.   It is not necessary to fully spell TROUT as long as there are no duplicate markings.                        

 Cards will be available at every monthly outing and certain special events                          

 Attend every event and collect 10 cards total.  Double the chance for a winning hand!    Each event card will feature only one of the letters .