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N E W    F L Y    T Y I N G    C L A S S E S 
For Intermediate & Advanced Tyers 

Backwoods - Tulsa          Farm Shopping Center
51st & Sheridan 
1st  &  3rd  Tues. of  each  month  -  6:00 - 7:30 p.m.
Classes are free and open to the public

Tues., May 1, 2018
PATTERN FOR:   Bluegill Predator
Hook :         #10  Wet Nymph Hook
Thread:       UTC 140 or 210 denier - Color to match Foam
Tail:            Your choice (Bucktail, Crystal Flash, Flashabou, EP Fiber. Marabou, etc.)
Body :         2 mm Craft Foam - your color choice
Legs:          Medium Round Rubber Legs

Fly of the Week

A L S O,  on Tues., May 1st: :

PATTERN FOR:   Phil's Bluegill Klink
Hook :            #10  Scud Hook
Thread:          UTC 140 denier - Color to match Body
Tail:               Marabou, or fluff from bottom of Brahama Hen cape feather
Rib:               Flashabou
Body :            Dubbing - your style & color choice
Wing/Head:  2 mm Craft Foam
Legs:             Medium Sillilegs
Tying materials provided.                       Bring your vise/tools/light.
             [ We will have some vises/tools available ]

NEXT SESSION:   MAY 15, 2018



Fly of the Week