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Tulsa Fly Fishers Becomes a Charter Club of Fly Fishers International

TFF has become a Charter Club of Fly Fishers International.       Meeting attendance is always free and open to the public.

However, if you would like to become an "Official"  member of Tulsa Fly Fishers, you will need to apply for a membership in FFI.    As a first time member of FFI you will be eligible for a discount on the first two years membership.   The first year membership is $20, and the second year will be $30.     Be sure to designate your club affiliation as Tulsa Fly Fishers. 

 Click below for the first time member discount application form.    Print the form, complete it and mail it to FFI.

Visit FFI's website for more information about FFI and it’s mission.    https://www.flyfishersinternational.org/Default.aspx                                                               

New Member Application Form Membership Renewal